CE AC benchtop Ionizer static eliminator

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Product Description

E-002 Overhead Ionizing Air Blower is a member of the IONSTAT ionizing air blower family. The E-002 blower is an overhead unit designed to provide total coverage for electrostatic problems.

Please read the instruction manual completely before installing or operating the unit. This unit is equipped with a 3-wires grounding plug and must be plugged into a 3-terminal grounded socket. Do not modifying plug or using an ungrounded power socket. If an extension cord is necessary, used only a 3-wire extension cord that provides grounding.


Do not insert any object through intake or outlet grille.

Do not operate the unit under inflammable or explosive atmospheres.

Internal repairs or servicing should be done by our technician.


Line Voltage                 220VAC/ 50 Hz or 110VAC / 60Hz

Current Consumption          Max.0.5 Amp (fan high, light on)

                             Min.0.25 Amp (fan low, light off)

Air Volume Output            Fan speed Flow

Low 80 CFM

High 220 CFM

(Flow amount equal to sum of 2 fans)

Air Flow Characteristics     40cm×90cm Area Coverage

Light Output                 850 Lumens Total.

Replacement Lamp             13-15 Watt Energy Saving Fluorescent

Operating Temperature        32ºF(0℃)122ºF(50℃)

Enclosure                     aluminum alloy

Finish                        Powder Coat

Size                         610mm(L)×170mm(W)×125mm(H)

Ion Balance (offset voltage)      0V +/- 10V

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